Viewpoint of Millions Series | Datuna Rainbow Flag Collection | FREEDOM (55 x 88 inches)
Please visit the world premiere of "FREEDOM," the first installation from David Datuna's Rainbow Flag collection: Contessa Gallery | Booth #15A | Art Miami 2015 |
"Only free people can dream and only dreamers can make a new world." – David Datuna
David Datuna February 10, 1974. Tbilisi,Georgia is
a Georgian-American artist living in New York. He is most widely known for his "Viewpoint of Millions" and "Viewpoint of Billions" series.

The underlying and unifying theme of the on-going series “Viewpoint of Millions” by artist David Datuna is the importance of freedom for all of humanity. The series – which includes flags, portraits and icons – provides the viewer a tool through which the sources and meaning of cultural identity are explored, with the aim of breaking barriers and building bridges in their stead.

The Freedom flag from the Datuna: Rainbow Flag collection is the artist’s newest mixed media installation in the series. With his first Rainbow Flag, a universal symbol of the LGBTQ community, Datuna has chosen to integrate into the monumental piece–800 portraits of both historical and contemporary figures whose participation in all fields of human endeavor have won them a notable place in history. By providing a face to the LGBTQ community, Datuna’s singular work of art helps to transcend society’s pre-conceived notions and use of labels.

Giving recognition to a culture that as author Larry Kramer stated, “is not just sexual” and reflecting the symbolism of the flag – diversity – Datuna’s images are inclusive in their scope, spanning centuries, continents, races, genders, and creeds. Anchors in the history of civilizations, these individuals are a reminder that the LGBTQ community, whose existence is still condemned, ignored or at best minimalized by some throughout the world, has always been a valuable and significant segment of society.

The Freedom flag from the “Datuna: Rainbow Flag” collection serves as a historical document of the LGBTQ community and a testament to the contributions it has made to the betterment of humanity since the beginning of recorded history. The flag collection is intended to create a starting point for inquiry, reflection, education, and dialogue that will launch the viewer into a realm where, by example, a new understanding of a marginalized community and its struggle for equality brings the world a step closer to freedom for all humanity.